Art, Science and Visual Thinking

CelLab is a pavillion space aiming to create a collaborative environment for users across art and science disciplines which will inspire ideas and promote co-creation. Leading to heightened learning in the art school and a cultural awareness within the science community. The space aims to connect artists and scientists by supplying a combined space for both learning and socialising.

This proposed space in the university is valid as the sense of community and sharing has been lost between departments within the school. From interviewing users many are unaware what is happening among others also studying at Dundee and the link between their art degree and a science degree. There is very little sharing of knowledge across disciplines which is hindering education.

This is a significant investment for the university as it will increase the learning of students through social sharing of knowledge in a collaborative space. It will encourage students to work for longer producing a higher quality of product. It will significantly increase learning and connections between the art school and science community. Collaborating in this informal manner allows for ideas to flow across diciplines in a way which does not happen at Dundee University presently.

Special thanks to Alan Prescott, Paul Harrison, Morag Martin and Amy Cameron for their guidance and input.



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