‘To satisfy his inner sense of orientation, man needs to situate himself in space’


How do we know where we are when we are hovering between two different spaces? How to we situate ourselves within this threshold space in order to determine our orientation in the world? My installation aims to explore the ‘in-between’ space and notion of self and sense of location.

I was inspired by megalithic monuments and their measuring of progressive lunar and solar cycles against the earth in order to allow people to have a sense of time and space. Their use of complex maths and stone markers have many different functions and relationships with the surrounding environment. It also shows that although these monuments were built around 3000BC they still demonstrate that humans have an innate sense to understand our surroundings and where we stand in the world.

Taking inspiration from these mathematical patterns I have created this emotive object in response to the notion of self and sense of location. My installation demonstrates a 3D map of how these megalithic monuments were constructed and also highlights our connection to our surroundings as human beings. By exploring the term threshold I aim to initiate a debate as to how each person specifically perceives their sense of place whilst standing on an ‘in between’ or transitional space.

board-1-copyboard-2BOARD 4.jpgboard-sketch-3


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