Distance Distortion

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Distance Distortion is a space which alters perceptions of distance through a play on linear perspectives to abrogate condescending attitudes of the art school. The existing space on level 5 of the Matthew Building is an elongated, brutalist, concrete structure with the dominant lines and volumes running horizontal in the space. In order to break up the linearity, triangle partitions are placed throughout the central volume to alter foot-fall and play on perspectives and vanishing points within level 5.


Columns and walls are all slightly off-line or rotated in a way to create a funky, unorthodox feel, hinting at the individuality and identity of the art school. Duncan of Jordanstone aims to promote its originality and creative expertise and this design reduces institutionalized feel of the present art school and champions the creativity and tight social circle within Duncan of Jordanstone.



Outside the lecture theaters stands an orthogonal seating area ideal when waiting for a lecture to start or simply as a place to pause and rest.  Looking on across from the lecture theaters is a cluster of curving, snaking sofas which provide a place for social interaction and relaxation. By providing a comfortable social space fully accessible for all university students it will begin to blur the detachment of Duncan of Jordanstone and void all preconceptions of art school education.

axonrender page 1sketch render2


axonrender page 1sketch render2


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